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Last Call For The EuroCloud Congress Annual Event

EuroCloud Congress, Coordinator–

This year, EuroCloud Congress is having a three-day event to further discuss and tackle the successful growth and global impact of cloud app. Information, networking, and knowledge from expert cloud app users can get by attendees from the said event. The Awards Gala will take place on the evening at the 5-star Hotel in Stockholm and will celebrate the EuroCloud Computing winners.

Places are limited, so please register early to reserve your seats. Interested guests may send us a message via email. EuroCloud Congress contact information can find on the Contact page of this site. You may show your interests in the event by participating in this thread. Thank you and we hope to see you at the biggest event in Europe.

Alexander Silva, Head of Unit for Software Service–

Our company decided to join at the annual event of EuroCloud Congress. After a long discussion, we are now set the final decision to step up. We are ready to use the cloud app in our company.

Dione Martin, Executive Director–

Being a part of EuroCloud, we can say that it helps our company to keep our business ahead of others. From zero now we are savoring the taste of being one of the tops in our industry. Using Cloud app, we can now track faster and transparently all the sales and information of our company. And yes, we are attending again in the annual event of EuroCloud Congress. Thank you for creating this kind of organization, for taking the businesses owners and individuals with a hope of success to be one with the same goal.