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Welcome to our FAQ page! If you have any question or if you have any story idea that you want to submit with us nor needed an information about advertising, well then, you’ve come to the very right place. In this page, we’ve compiled all the questions you need to know for your convenience.


Q: What is EuroCloud Congress?
A: EuroCloud Congress is an online platform or a go-to-resource for every business owners, developers, IT, architects, data analytic and with such future-focused tech who wants to evolve databases continuously. EuroCloud Congress serves those dedicated to seeking the business advantage by continuing to use the technology curve.

Q: I want to submit my story ideas on your website. Who do I contact with?
A: Thank you for giving such interest to our WorldIfoTech website. We really need a new story to feature on our site. To submit your story ideas, please contact our editors or writers whose responsible for the website’s stories. Reach them via the link in their writings or simply contact our Executive Editor.

Q: I have a problem using your site. Who do I contact to report my problem?
A: Firstly, we have to say sorry for the inconvenience. If it happens that you encounter a problem while using our site please contact us immediately via email. If it’s possible, please attach the following information as you can in your email for us to solve your problem quick and easy.

Please write at least a short description of what happened, including the URL where the problem occurred, a screenshot of the problem then send it to us. Wait for a second to receive our response.

Q: Do I need to sign up on your website to access all the articles?
A: Yes. Signing up for email newsletters is free of charge you can also change your newsletter according to your preferences.

Q: We are from media and wants to cover your articles. Who is responsible to take an interview?
A: Thank you for noticing our articles and wants to feature in the news. To interview an employee of EuroCloud Congress or quote an article in your news coverage you may contact our Senior Marketing & PR Manager.