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EuroCloud Congress for Cloud Innovation

EuroCloud Congress is a platform for innovation, it is your go-to-resource partner for ­your salesforce using Cloud applications. Like everyone who wanted to succeed in their businesses, EuroCloud Congress is also determined every possible way to keep the business advantage ahead of others. With the use of Cloud applications, we can now track the sales of our business, track the cases and the employees of the company to cooperate with each other.

EuroCloud Congress can help you. Before we go into the implementation phase, we have to make a discussion so we know what you would like to achieve in your business. After that, we sit down with a few expert users for a detailed analysis. Once we have gathered all the required information, a project will be proposed unto you. Cloud app will be the acting sales platform in your company, therefore an implementation can be done faster and transparently.

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Cloud technology is becoming more and more innovative. To prove that innovation is in the cloud app, few examples are the Intelligent databases and advanced identity-based security. EuroCloud Congress is an organization based in Europe, a Cloud Application users.

EuroCloud Congress is an independent non-profit organization in Europe. Created in 2010, which consists of a two-tier architecture where the organizations formed. All countries in Europe can apply to participate in as long as they respect and obey the EuroCloud Regulations.

In order to be a true European member, act as one, all programs that you’ve developed should intend to be European activities because these programs are the strength of EuroCloud Congress as a whole. Most importantly, members should respect the local cultures along with the will to promote a real European spirit.

EuroCloud Congress holding an annual event where leaders of the European cloud industry gather together. This year, a three-day event will be held in Stockholm. Attending in this unique event of EuroCloud Congress will meet with famous business leaders, policymakers and others who were committed to using the cloud applications from all over in Europe. They are going to tackle and examine the successful growth and global impact of cloud app in the industry. Attendees will get a valuable information from the experts of cloud computing and cloud app. You will gain knowledge how cloud app a huge help from your businesses.

We hope Europen business owners can attend in this unique three-day event of EuroCloud Congress. We also hope to see you again soon in our website to know the latest update in business and technology